What a day to start a blog. I apologize in advance for typos, ramblings/tangents, improper use of commas and lack of updates. 

I’ll probably forget about this at some point and not go back to it until weeks later. Remind me!

Today, as you well may know by now, there was a big shooting at the Navy Yard in DC. At the moment, 12 or more unfortunate souls are dead as well as the perpetrator.  (And who knows what else)  This is really going to be a divisive issue, as many folks are pro-gun and many are anti-gun.  I imagine the tin-foil hat folks will be out in force, as this is clearly a false flag, Obama-sponsored event meant to distract from Syria or some other bullshit reason they come up with to sell their ad-space.  I clearly don’t subscribe to those conspiracies as I, you know, think things through most times. (Now, the Philadelphia Experiment? That’s interesting!)

Now, for those who know me in real life, know I own guns.  Most are from my reenacting hobby and are by-and-large, WWII era military rifles.  I do though, own a modern shotgun and an AR-15. Why? Because I wanted to, that’s why. It’s a fairly simple answer that a lot of people don’t quite understand. 

I wanted the shotgun for home defense purposes and the odd day out at the shooting range.  It’s one of those things that I know will last forever and I can pass it down to my kids one day (provided I deem them responsible enough), whenever that may be.  I don’t have any kids and none are even a glimmer on the horizon at the moment so I won’t need to worry about that for a long while yet.

The AR-15 was kind of an impulse buy.  I had always wanted a weapon similar to that, and even though I’ve only taken it to the range once (ammo is expensive!) it was fun and I’d happily do it more often if it became more economical.  It also was an investment on my part, as are some of my other weapons because much like homes, if you keep them up, guns don’t lose much value.

Now to the current gun debate. I am pro-second amendment. I believe it is every American’s right to own a firearm, or several, if they so choose.  That being said, I also believe that every American who owns a firearm should run the gamut of background checks and a waiting period before they can take a weapon home with them.  I’m not a criminal. I’m not crazy. (Crazy fun!) I would gladly consent to a background check that could take 48 hours, which is kind of like a built-in waiting period.  And if individual states wanted to legislate it into practice, an even longer waiting period. Say, 2 days for a non semi-auto rifle, revolver or shotgun and 5 days for a semi-auto rifle or pistol. So, no less than 4 days and no more than a week. Why is that so difficult?  So it would kill the sales of some gun vendors at shows. If the buyer is serious, they’d be back to complete the purchase. Hell, require a 75% deposit down!

So better background checks, a waiting period and more mental health services for troubled individuals (which I didn’t really mention before now, but it stands to be mentioned) who might turn violent.

We don’t know the reasons/motives behinds today’s horrible act, but Diane Fienstien and the NRA are going to be back in the trees hurling shit at each other for weeks now.


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