Bobby’s Burger Palace!

So my mom and I tried out this new Bobby Flay restaurant outside Potomac Mills last evening. Bobby’s Burger Palace.  Not very palatial, I might add. More like an embassy annex.  It’s not that big; could maybe fit 40-50 people if all the chairs were occupied. 

The dining area is arranged like bar-counter seating with long curved tables winding their way through the restaurant, with straight tables on the opposite side of the dining room.  The seats are fixed, highback chairs that swivel and feature a footrest that one could easily snag their foot on if they’re not careful.

You walk in and order, rather than sitting and having a server greet you with menus etc.  They offer several different styles of burgers (obviously) and some sandwiches, etc. You are able to order your burger cooked the way you like it; there’s even a little sign that offers the degrees of “done-ness”.  Fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings are sold ala carte.  Beer, a couple mixed-drink options  and sodas (not pop) are offered for beverages.  After you order and pay, you’re given a numbered marker and find your seat.  The servers find you and bring your food once it is ready (less than 10 minutes).  It’s a cozy atmosphere with colorful tile work and interesting lighting.  Nice and bright with big windows in the front and an outdoor seating area with a handful of tables if you are so inclined.

Each burger comes with a half of a sizable pickle and the burgers are fair-sized, without being too big.  Mine and mom’s were cooked perfectly (Medium rare), which is more than I can say often for many restaurants serving burgers.  I got the Dallas-style burger, which features (I forget) which kind of white cheese, BBQ sauce and cole slaw.  Mom got the “Bobby Blue” which has tomato, blue cheese and bacon.  We were both pleased with what we ordered. Mom’s blue cheese burger didn’t feature cheese that was particularly pungent, as some blue cheeses can be and my burger’s BBQ sauce wasn’t overpowering either, which was nice.  There seemed to be an emphasis on the taste of the actual meat rather than focusing on what toppings were on the sandwich, which is nice.

The fries seemed like fresh-cut, skin on boardwalk fries. Lightly-salted, not too greasy and served with some sort of spicy yellow sauce that reminds me of the horseradish sauce served with Bloomin’ Onions at Outback.  They come in a little stainless steel bucket you might normally see used to store cutlery at a buffet. Nice portion, maybe about a fair-sized handful.

The onion rings are big, beer-battered and really tasty. You get maybe 5 or 6 in a serving.

There are only maybe 8 or 9 different burger options, which if I remember correctly includes a “build your own”, but I don’t recall 100%. The prices are reasonable, with each burger costing between $6.75 and $8. Mind you though, that like I mentioned, fries, etc are sold ala carte at $3 a piece. Though these could easily be shared between two people.

I’d definitely go back, as I love a good burger.  I do believe they offer take-away.  Overall, it is a simple restaurant that isn’t too noisy, family-friendly (they have kid’s menu options) and very casual. You might get cozy to the party next to you, or across from you as you can’t move the chairs, but it might make for a fun experience at communal dining.